The Steelers have two options for a cornerback trade. Making one makes a ton of sense.

The Steelers have two options for a cornerback trade. Making one makes a ton of sense.

For the purpose of trading a cornerback, the Pittsburgh Steelers have two options.
It makes perfect sense to create one.

Help at cornerback is needed by the Pittsburgh Steelers.
While it’s not a dire situation, corner tops the list if you were to identify their main worries at the bye week, or at least the ones that could be resolved.

The Steelers might look to upgrade at two positions going forward as they get back from their bye week. The offensive line is the first, and even with some upgrades at key positions, it has not improved.
The position to improve on would be center, more precisely, but it is almost impossible to go out and acquire a top-tier center in the middle of the season.

It’s not easy to find a starting cornerback.

Cornerbacks Patrick Surtain of the Denver Broncos and Jaylon Johnson of the Chicago Bears have been linked to the Steelers thus far.
If Pittsburgh had the means and the chance, either player would move without hesitation because they both offer precisely what the team is searching for.

With Joey Porter Jr.’s continued growth.
he is thought to be Pittsburgh’s cornerback of the future.
Though the team may not be ready to start him just yet, he is the member of the group that they will shape into their CB1, but they still lack a CB2.

The Steelers have their future outside cornerback tandem in place after selecting a second young player. This relieves Cory Trice Jr. of a great deal of pressure. when he comes back the following season, and even permits the team to retain Patrick Peterson as their backup for an additional season.

Plus, it makes T.
A. J.
That makes Watt and Alex Highsmith even more lethal.
As of right now, they may be the main factor behind the Steelers’ 3-2 record and top spot in the AFC North.
Pittsburgh would love to have an extra second or two to get to the quarterback.

Regarding trades, compensation is a major factor, but rumors have circulated that the Steelers might acquire Johnson in exchange for a fourth-round selection.
Go get him if that is the situation.

They believe they will get a first-round pick-plus for Surtain.
Having a lockdown cornerback to line up with Porter Jr. will be difficult, but is it worth giving up a first, second, and possibly a third-round pick?
long into the future?

Regrouping and making any necessary improvements are the goals of the farewell week.
Although the Steelers will have a lot to work with when they get back, cornerback is the best and only option for roster improvements.

Defense is how this team is designed to win.
Given the opportunity to construct it now, they might as well invest now.

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