Felipe Massa agrees to FIA delay with hope key ally will join lawsuit over 2008 F1 title

Felipe Massa agrees to FIA delay with hope key ally will join lawsuit over 2008 F1 title

Felipe Massa, a former Formula 1 driver, came in second place to Lewis Hamilton in the 2008 Drivers’ Championship, but he is adamant about winning the championship back.

As the tense dispute rages on, Felipe Massa has ordered Formula 1 executives to wrap up their investigation into the 2008 world title “injustice” by November 15.

Lewis Hamilton, a driver for McLaren, finished a point ahead of Felipe Massa, a driver for Ferrari, to capture the first of his seven world championships in 2008.
Before leaving Formula One in 2017, the latter never managed to claim the Drivers’ Championship.
Since then, he has filed a lawsuit to have the 2008 outcome overturned.

The contentious Singapore Grand Prix in September 2008, in Massa’s opinion, justifies awarding him a world championship.
A safety car was intentionally brought out by Renault driver Nelson Piquet Jr. in order to give Fernando Alonso the victory and stop Felipe Massa’s race.

If Massa’s bid is successful, it will bring attention to 2021.
When race director Michael Massi misapplied the rules during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix’s late safety-car period, Max Verstappen prevented Lewis Hamilton from winning a record-breaking eighth world championship.

Bernardo Viana, Massa’s attorney, has given Mirror Sport a statement.
“FIA and FOM have requested one final extension to the deadline they initially requested, from October 12 to November 15,” it states.

We consented to this last period because, if the new administration is truly investigating the situation in good faith, they will undoubtedly come to the same conclusion as we and so many other people around the world.
We’re curious as to how the newly installed leadership of Formula 1 feels about the recently made public scandal and Felipe Massa’s treatment disparity.

Ferrari might help Massa win the championship, he hopes.
Recently, the Brazilian said to Motorsport, “I don’t see why Ferrari wouldn’t be on my side.
They took the championship away from us, from me, and from Ferrari because we lost the championship.

“Ferrari would need to act similarly to what (Mercedes chief) Toto Wolff is saying about 2021. Ferrari must therefore compete for the team’s best results, and I don’t think they can really be trusted to avoid manipulation after what happened to me.

Massa has stated that Ferrari have not yet backed their former driver, who continues to state: “I’m doing this for my country, I’m doing this for my fans, I’m doing this for myself, I’m doing this for my family, and I’m doing this for Ferrari.”. Ferrari is welcome to attend at any time.

On Massa’s lawsuit, Wolff was consulted last month to offer his opinion. The sport would be in utter disarray if everyone disclosed their situations, the Austrian said, especially when considering the entire championships.


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