Joel Klatt is of the opinion that Jayden Daniels and Shedeur Sanders are playing at a Heisman level regardless of the team’s outcome.

Joel Klatt is of the opinion that Jayden Daniels and Shedeur Sanders are playing at a Heisman level regardless of the team’s outcome.

Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt recently shared his list of favorite Heisman candidates.
Even though LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels and Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders were left off the list, Klatt nevertheless acknowledged them.

Although Sanders and Daniels are undoubtedly deserving of a mention in the Heisman race, Klatt doesn’t think they are serious contenders because the prize has evolved into something of a team effort.

He said on The Joel Klatt Show, “They didn’t make the list, and it’s really not a fault of their own.”.
But let’s get real—this is how things have turned out. It is a result of both player and team success combined.
A few teams have performed passably, one significantly exceeding and one falling short of expectations.
however not to the extent that one would anticipate that squad to win the Heisman Trophy.

Though Daniels isn’t to blame, LSU hasn’t performed up to par thus far.
After losses to Florida State and Ole Miss, the Tigers are currently 4-2.
In those two games, LSU gave up 100 points in total.
This season, the Tigers are giving up 32 points per game, which is No. countrywide, 113.

The current No. 1 is Jayden Daniels.
With 398 points per game, total offense ranks second nationally.

The Buffaloes, led by Shedeur Sanders, are 4-2 and have also had defensive difficulties. Sanders comes in last.
Although Colorado leads the country in total offense (6th), their No. 1 defense has allowed them to lose a couple of games.
122 across the country.

“These two players are playing really well this year.
They are largely to blame for the success of their teams.
as a result of their poor defenses and, in Colorado’s case, their pathetic offensive line.
Still, they are succeeding here, Klatt remarked.

It turns out that Jayden Daniels experienced the same thing.
It’s a terrible defense.
Right now, Jayden Daniels would be ranked first or second in this Heisman race if he had any kind of defense.
However, the LSU Tigers’ lack of a defensive game is largely to blame for him not being.

There’s still a lot of football left to play, so maybe before the season ends, Shedeur Sanders and Jayden Daniels can be genuine Heisman contenders.
However, Klatt views them as good players for the time being on teams that don’t have a Heisman Trophy winner.

“I simply wanted to thank Shedeur and Jayden,” Klatt remarked.
“Those guys are playing incredibly well and balling out.”.


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