Packers land Broncos unbelievable star in ESPN proposed trade

Packers land Broncos unbelievable star in ESPN proposed trade

In a recent article, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell presented 15 trade ideas, one of which was for the Green Bay Packers to acquire Denver wide receiver Jerry Jeudy in exchange for Romeo Doubs and a trade of draft picks between the two teams.
But don’t count on it happening in reality.

Only a few weeks remain until the NFL trade deadline, which falls on Halloween, October 31.
The Packers and Broncos’ complete trade request from Barnell is included below.

On paper, it makes sense to add a former first-round pick to the receiver position to help a struggling offense. In his first three seasons, Jeudy caught 289 pass attempts for a 61 percent completion rate at an average catch yardage of 14 points.
He also scored nine touchdowns.
He reached 100 targets or more each season in 2020 and 2022. Jeudy has caught 17 passes this year for a total of 208 yards.

If Jeudy joined the Packers, he’d become the group’s most skilled pass-catcher right away.
Do not, however, get your hopes up, particularly in regards to that trade package, as I said earlier.

With the intention of having those receivers and tight ends develop alongside Jordan Love, Brian Gutekunst and Green Bay made the deliberate decision to go young at the skill positions in the offseason.
This action completely runs counter to that stance on philosophy.
If the Packers wanted a seasoned receiver in the mix, I imagine they would have made that decision months ago.

Through offseason workouts and training camp, Doubs and Love were able to connect.
With 21 catches for 228 yards and three touchdowns, Doubs is currently the Packers’ top receiver.
There would be a learning curve for Jeudy as he adapted to a new offense, so I don’t think anyone can say with certainty that his presence would give the Green Bay offense the spark it needs right away.

Doubs is also highly regarded by the Packers, so it is improbable that they would be open to a trade.
While adding the qualification that Doubs is obviously not Davante Adams, Matt LaFleur stated that Doubs has a “unique skill set” and that he does have some “Davante Adams-type movement” to his game from a route running perspective.

Last but not least, Doubs is in the second year of his rookie contract and makes slightly more than $3 million from 2023 to 2025 from a salary cap perspective. Jeudy, on the other hand, is nearing the end of his rookie contract and does have a fifth-year option for 2024 that is in the $13 million–$15 million range.
To avoid the $13 million cap hit and to keep Jeudy under contract for a long time, Green Bay would probably extend Jeudy’s contract if they made this trade, but they would have to do so in a receiver market that has exploded in the last two seasons.

We know how much Gutekunst values draft picks, so the fact that he would also have to give up a second-round pick in this deal just doesn’t feel like a Packers-esque move, even though Aaron Rodgers’ contract will be off the books in 2024.
The Packers also rank 20th in terms of current available cap space.

I get it—the thought of bringing in a former first-round receiver who has achieved some success for the struggling Packers offense is exciting.
However, it is unfeasible for the aforementioned reasons, particularly if trading away Doubs is involved.


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