Deion Sanders Received the Full SNL Treatment With Incredible Segment

Deion Sanders Received the Full SNL Treatment With Incredible Segment

Prior to the Pac-12 matchup on Friday night, many predicted that the Colorado would destroy Stanford.

When the Buffaloes built a 29-point lead at halftime of the game, Deion Sanders’ team was moving in that direction.
This wasn’t the case, though, as the Cardinal defeated the Buffaloes 46-43 in double overtime after outscoring them 36-7 in the second half.

After Friday’s “disturbing” loss, a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit mocking the Buffaloes’ coach made fun of Sanders, who is known to keep receipts and challenge his doubters with catchphrases that frequently go viral.
In the humorous sketch, actor Kenan Thompson played “Coach Prime” and took questions from NBC anchor Colin Jost while sporting an iconic white Colorado hoodie and black sunglasses.

This season’s Buffaloes got off to a 3-0 start before losing three of their final four games.
Jost reminded the pretend Prime that despite the strong start to the ’23 season, his team was only 4-3 at the time, and Thompson answered with a famous Sanders quote.

You don’t realize that my team has it all, man, and I don’t care what you think of me, Colin [Jost], so tell me what about me makes you think that. Coaching?
An explosive offense. Trying to defend.
Man, it’s a complete package,” the fictitious Prime said.

Thompson gave another outstanding Prime-like response, despite Jost pointing out that Colorado dramatically blew the 29-point lead.

The fictitious Prime exclaimed, “Wasn’t that crazy?
“We were up 29 to nothing at the half, so I went home and dozed off.
Everyone was as shocked as I was when I woke up this morning.
Nobody is perfect.
Who is the only unbeaten team?

The performance made fun of Sanders’s departure from Jackson State, the historically black college that served as the springboard for his collegiate head coaching career and which he frequently referred to as a “God-given assignment.”.

In Thompson’s words, coaching is a higher calling.
“… You know, I firmly believe that God sent me to JSU and told me that it was my destiny.

Jost then questioned the fictional Prime’s decision to take his skills to Boulder, Colorado, three years later.
, a town whose population is very different from that of Jackson, Mississippi.

“God called me again and said, “My mistake.
The invented Prime continued, “And then he showed me Colorado, the promised land.
“I had these visions, Colin, of a place where there were white people—like every single person was white.
” Colorado is an HWCU, or historically white college, similar to where you went, Colin, but not many people are aware of this fact.

The segment was undoubtedly one of the funniest parodies of a well-known college football coach ever.


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