We’re not perfect… Kevin Stefanski full statement after Browns’ win over the 49ers

We’re not perfect… Kevin Stefanski full statement after Browns’ win over the 49ers

Our imperfections exist.
but we fought like crazy today,” Kevin Stefanski said following the Browns’ victory over the 49ers.

Following Sunday’s 19-17 victory over the 49ers at Cleveland Browns Stadium, head coach Kevin Stefanski of the Browns fielded questions from the media.

The Browns media relations department has provided the transcript, which is below:.

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The Browns’ offensive effectiveness stunned the 49ers defense, according to how well they were planned out.

In the Browns’ victory over the 49ers, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz gets under Kyle Shanahan’s skin.

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Opening Statement:.

“Well. Just be happy for that group.
Simply proud of the struggle. We understood what to expect. We understood the difficulty.
I’ve been telling you guys this whole week.
We were aware of the team’s strength. I have a lot of respect for Coach Shanahan, all of his coaches, and that football team.
We are a strong football team, that much is true.
We are not perfect, we are aware of this, but today we fought valiantly, and I am just so proud of so many of the guys.
I believed the coaches came up with a fantastic game plan.
Of course, the guys are fighting it out there, but it’s awesome to do it in front of our supporters. They were amazing today.
Their energy gives us such a boost, and I definitely felt them when we were playing defense. I believe that made it difficult for their offense, but I’m really just proud of this football team.
I’ll answer any questions after that.

What did you think of P.
J. (Walker) performed?

“He made me feel good. He resisted.
Like all quarterbacks, he’ll admit to wishing he could go back and get a few plays.
We mainly discuss that.
We aim for perfection, but it’s challenging to achieve.
He did, however, make some throws and plays and ran the show.
This is what he does, then.
He is a warrior.
He’s a rough kid.

How did you guys successfully run the ball, Kevin?
What was the secret?

“Yes, I believed that, you know, I give Coach (Bill) Callahan credit.
He created a really solid game plan, which the guys then carried out, in my opinion.
Speaking of battlers, Michael Dunn comes to mind as one of the men we had up front.
He limped and gave us everything he had, and that is a good representation of the football team.
However, the coaches actually did a good job of creating and carrying out the plan.

San Francisco arrived and scored a ton of points, so obviously the defense was strong. What did you learn from them that allowed you to maintain control over that?

Really, though, the defensive staff and Coach (Jim) Schwartz were excellent throughout the entire week. I think back to our Wednesday workout.
If you judge a practice by how it sounds, I told the team afterward, we had the best practice of the year because the energy level was through the roof and the defense was driving it.
It’s led by Ogbo (Okoronkwo), Z (Za’Darius Smith), Dalvin (Tomlinson), Juan (Thornhill), and all those guys – JOK (Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah) you name them, they brought the energy all week.
They were so eager to take on this challenge, and I believe Coach Schwartz set those players up to succeed.

Can you please elaborate on the way you hinted that you were the underdogs at home?
To enter the game, you summon the quarterback from the practice squad.
Joel Bitonio doesn’t play, so it just seemed like everything was working against you.

Yes, Mary Kay (Cabot), it’s football. I don’t really think about how other people are reacting to a game.
You know I’m conscious of the boundaries.
I am aware of information like whether we are the favorite or the underdog.
I am aware of our team, though.
With this one, I was pleased.
Though I’m naturally optimistic, I should say pessimistic, I felt good about this one.
And once more, we’re not perfect, but we’re going to fight like crazy, as I’ve been telling the team all week. And I believed they did so today.

You mentioned brawls.
The pregame, what about it?

Tony (Grossi): “Yeah, I didn’t mean that [laughs]. “.

They played the entire game with what appeared to be a chip on their shoulder.

“We were ahead going into the match. It wasn’t all that bad.
We don’t want that, really.
We are not attempting to intervene, enter the fray, or remove the men from the situation.
However, it’s football.
Emotions are heightened.

Was there any concern that there would be a penalty or anything else as a result?

Yes, of course you’re considering that.
However, tomorrow might bring me a call.

You can make fun of Kevin’s pass in the end zone just before the field goal because you won. What were you and he contemplating at the time?

“Well, P. J.
Walker played superbly today.
He was constantly on the move.
The show was under his control. He was aware that throwing that ball was against protocol.
However, that young man is a fighter, and he immediately realized it.
I’m not sure if you guys know this, but Kevin Rogers works for our company, K.
Roger sought out P.
as a recent high school graduate and was a member of the team that convinced him to enroll at Temple.
Rogers sat in the child’s living room.
He’s been with his family, he’s informed me about the kid, and he knows what he’s all about. I therefore knew what P.
he joined our team, was thinking about entering this.
After that, I simply reasoned that since the child had spent his entire life and career fighting for everything, that was exactly what we needed this week.

Can you talk about Dustin Hopkins’ entrance, Kevin? I mean, can you describe it?

Yes, it’s enormous, I mean.
For the last one, or second-to-last, I believe, we went backward and forced him to kick harder or something similar.
However, Andrew Berry deserves praise for bringing Dustin here.
We felt like we needed a guy, and we’re happy we found one.

Also, after M.J, what were you contemplating.
There, Emerson was cited?

“Listen, we knew it was going to be tough.
With the way we were going to play and the skill players they have, we were going to have to fight like crazy on defense, literally just fighting through picks and bunches and that sort of thing.
The DB’s, in my opinion, stepped it up and battled furiously.

Kareem Hunt seemed to have a little bit more “giddy up,” as we like to say, coach.
Do you believe that is a positive sign for the remainder of the season if you noticed that as well?

“I do.
Kareem is there or is getting there in terms of getting back into football shape, which is something we’ve discussed previously.
I can’t say enough good things about Kareem and Jerome (Ford), though he hadn’t been tackled in a while.
We started him in this game because we wanted to get him going early, and he got a screen right away.
They are moving swiftly and striking it.
I’m so proud of those guys, even though it’s not always pretty.

Kevin, did you have any idea of the strategy you guys would need to use to win this game?

How much did it end up being?


That’s pretty much how I felt, yeah.

Deshaun Watson coming back this week would be a plus.
Do you have a status update on that, do you expect him to practice, given the way you guys are playing defensively right now?

“There is no update, sorry.
You already know that we are being wise and handling that situation day by day.
He’s doing a fantastic job.
Today, he is a great teammate, encouraging his teammates. He was fantastic the entire week with P.
Making sure he was in sync with the game plan, (Walker).
We’ll see how it goes because he was an additional voice all week.
He’s obviously battling mightily to get back out there, but we’ll proceed cautiously.

Did Kevin pick up any defensive strategies from Jim (Schwartz) this entire week as a result of the way he played Kyle Shanahan?

“Yeah, a little.
The two defenses have a lot in common, which is interesting considering that we face that defense all spring and summer and have, undoubtedly, faced Coach Schwartz before.
Therefore, when you develop a game plan, that undoubtedly informs you.

Kevin, you mentioned JOK’s (Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah) energy?

“Name each and every defender, please.

But it appeared as though Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (your player) was making some significant plays for you all over the field.

He is playing well, I agree.
He plays swiftly.
Once he spots the football, he turns into a heat-seeking missile.
He is giving us excellent play right now.


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