Lewis Hamilton could force Red Bull to sack Perez after Mercedes star’s comment

Lewis Hamilton could force Red Bull to sack Perez after Mercedes star’s comment

The seven-time world champion, who has 103 career victories but hasn’t claimed a win since the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in December 2021, doesn’t anticipate an end to their on-track woes any time soon because bumpy surfaces are expected to be problematic for his car.

And that will probably have an effect on the 38-year-old’s quest to finish second to Max Verstappen in the Drivers’ Championship.

Hamilton told reporters, “This car is going to bounce for the rest of the year.
“However, I’m hopeful that it won’t be a feature of the car by next year. It comes and goes; during some races, it bounces while during others, it doesn’t.
However, it is not nearly as intense as it was when we had it [the previous year].

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Hamilton’s remark says a lot about the ongoing problems Mercedes has had with their vehicle and the bouncing issue ever since the new rules were implemented in 2022.
Porpoising destroyed the team’s chances of competing with Red Bull early in the 2022 season, so they put a lot of effort into resolving the problem.

If the Mexican’s difficulties persist, it might also become a source of embarrassment for Perez. The 34-year-old currently leads Hamilton by 30 points in the Drivers’ Championship with five races remaining.
However, his error-filled performance in Qatar, where he received 15 seconds in stewards’ penalties, suggested his form is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

Since the team allegedly gave him an ultimatum to improve his performances toward the end of the season, he is under close scrutiny regarding his position for the upcoming season.
Moreover, if Hamilton defeats Perez to take second place in the championship while the Silver Arrows are having problems with their vehicles, it could be the last straw for Perez.


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