Packers release official Winners and Losers Coming Out of Bye Week

Packers release official Winners and Losers Coming Out of Bye Week

By the time they take the field against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers will have had plenty of time to rest over the previous two weeks after only playing one game in that time.

When Green Bay played the Las Vegas Raiders last Monday night, they hoped that rest would be beneficial, but they were unable to prevail.
They anticipate having Aaron Jones, their best offensive player, back on the field after another week off.

Since Week 1’s game against the Chicago Bears, Jones has been dealing with a hamstring injury and has only participated in one game (Week 4’s matchup with the Detroit Lions).
Because hamstrings are unpredictable, the Packers believe this prolonged break will make him fully healthy for the remainder of the year.

The Green Bay Packers’ winners and losers as they return from their bye week and dive back into the thick of their schedule are listed below.

In order to finish the year, the Packers will play 12 straight weeks (plus the postseason if they qualify).
There’s a good chance Green Bay will have everyone back when they come out of the bye, with the exception of David Bakhtiari.

Following the Packers’ bye week, let’s look at some additional Packers winners and losers.

Packers’ Schedule has won.

Despite playing 12 consecutive games without a break, the Packers’ remaining schedule is favorable.
Only four of the 12 opponents they still face have winning records.
The 0-6 Carolina Panthers, 0-5 New York Giants, 1-5 Chicago Bears, and 1-5 Denver Broncos are just a few of the teams they’ll face.
That’s a fantastic way to give a young team some confidence and help them finish the season strong.

Weeks 9–13 are losers.

This is without a doubt the toughest part of the Packers’ schedule for this year.
They will play host to the resurgent Los Angeles Rams in Week 9 who are currently 3-3. They then play away games against the Los Angeles Chargers, Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, and Pittsburgh Steelers.
Particularly the last two will be challenging back-to-back games. If the Packers don’t take precautions, they might end up with a 3-7 record going into that Thanksgiving game against the Lions and all but guarantee that they won’t win the NFC North.

Packers Coaching wins.

The majority of the Packers’ break between weeks four and five was spent self-analyzing how to improve their offensive performance. It didn’t succeed.
They now have another week to examine their own reflections and determine what is going on.
This team consistently puts themselves in a hole in the first half due to its inability to score.
Nothing, not even the bye week, will resolve their problems.
When his young offense was struggling, head coach Matt LaFleur ought to have been in the kitchen devising plays to help.

Anders Carlson is a loser.

This season, Anders Carlson has had a great start.
He had a erratic training camp and preseason, but he hasn’t missed a kick in the Packers’ first five games, proving the team’s faith in him.
Unfortunately, taking a week off can kill that momentum and force him to restart when the game resumes.
We can only hope that he can continue from where he left off.


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