Stanford Player Takes Shot At Deion Sanders, Calls Colorado Players ‘Mercenaries’

Stanford Player Takes Shot At Deion Sanders, Calls Colorado Players ‘Mercenaries’

A Stanford player insults Deion Sanders and refers to the Colorado players as “mercenaries.”.

The Stanford-Colorado game this past weekend has not yet had all of its effects felt.

That caused Coach Sanders to berate his team.

They need to decide whether they adore or simply enjoy this game, Sanders said.
“When you care about something, you give to it wholeheartedly. You commit your entire being to it.
However, that’s just a button you press when you like it.

Because I enjoy doing this, it’s difficult for me. I can say with absolute certainty that I am in love with this thing.
All I want is for people to complement me.
Match my commitment, my love, my consistency, and my passion.

Fisher Anderson of Stanford’s offensive line used Twitter after the game to criticize Deion Sanders and Colorado, referring to them as a group of “mercenaries” and calling them a “mercenary team.”.

“A few reflections on last night: Good always triumphs, no matter how hopeless things appear to be; When coach Taylor was hired, he urged everyone to hold on to their beliefs; coach prime advised them to leave.
They’re hired mercenaries; we write programs. I support Stanford football, and you ought to too.

If the Buffs keep losing this season, it appears that rival teams will continue to criticize Sanders.


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