Wendell Sailor fears Broncos disaster over $3 million update

Wendell Sailor fears Broncos disaster over $3 million update

Wendell Sailor has expressed worry that the club is nearing its breaking point and the Broncos are having a problem with their Grand Final hero.

Wendell Sailor worries that the Broncos will face difficulties in their quest to retain their talented young players after their breakout 2023 campaigns.

The legendary code-hopper has expressed his concerns regarding the club’s retention drive, especially in light of the fact that five-eighth Ezra Mam is expected to receive a significant pay increase.

Mam is anticipated to sign a long-term contract for at least three more seasons, according to a report from The Courier-Mail earlier this week.

According to the report, the contract’s potential value over four years would be up to $3 million.

Mam’s contract expires at the end of 2024, giving the Broncos just three weeks to sign him before rival clubs can start negotiations with him after the November 1 deadline.

Before Mam’s 20-year-old Grand Final masterclass, which included a 20-minute hat-trick in the second half, increased his value even further on the open market, rival teams, including the Raiders, were already circling him.

The Broncos still have a plethora of stars who will be looking for upgraded or extended contracts, including veteran playmaker Adam Reynolds, Reece Walsh, and Kurt Capewell, after re-signing Payne Haas to a massive $3.5 million deal.

After reportedly earning a $250,000 yearly salary as of 2023, Mam is expected to receive a significant raise.

Walsh, who reportedly had a contract worth $450,000 per season in 2023, is also considering a significant upgrade.
The top fullback’s upcoming contract is predicted to pay him more than $1 million annually.

If he enters the open market, there have been rumors that he could earn even more, giving the Broncos just three weeks to avoid disaster.

Also set to expire at the end of 2024 is Adam Reynolds’ three-year deal with the organization.

Ezra Mam has been urged to remain with the Brisbane Broncos by Payne Haas.
Illustration from the NRL.

Sailor is worried about the enormous upgrade that Mam allegedly received for free because of this.

On Triple M, Sailor said, “I like Ezra but look, that’s big money.”.

“I was just discussing giving Reece Walsh a million dollars a few months ago.

Therefore, if you give him a million dollars, you’re also giving Payne Haas a million dollars.
Something has to go because you are top heavy.

Mam stated to The Courier Mail that his “aim” is to “stay” with the Broncos.

I want to start another generation here, he declared.

“Jumping on board here with the other boys and restoring the greatness of the Broncos would undoubtedly be a great opportunity.

“Seeing Payne resign and all the other boys stay here is a huge factor for myself,” the author said.

“Perhaps we can close that transaction soon.
I’ll be here for a while.


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