Instead of a rapid rebuild, Colorado will have an “offseason of roster additions.”.

Instead of a rapid rebuild, Colorado will have an “offseason of roster additions.”.

According to Kevin Borba of AthlonSports, Colorado football will experience an “offseason of roster additions” as opposed to a rapid rebuild. Borba acknowledged that the final five games of the 2023 season will probably serve as the impetus for what could be a mass portal jump at Coach Prime’s direction.

The first thing Borba said was, “Colorado is currently sitting at 4-3 on the year, and needs to win two games to make a bowl game.
In their final five games, three of their opponents are currently ranked, and four of them have been ranked at some point this season.
What had appeared to be a quick rebuild now appears like Deion Sanders and company have another offseason of roster improvements ahead of them.
There is a good chance they will be underdogs in all five games.

In the final year of the Pac-12, Colorado football may have a few tricks up its sleeve to make a bowl game with two wins in their final five games, earning the chance to give Deion Sanders his first postseason victory.
The Buffs recruited a transfer class that gelled well enough to get out to a 3-0 and 4-2 start this season.
The offensive line and defense will both have new personnel in 2024, though, if there is one thing that can be relied upon.

Coach Prime’s explosive Colorado football start was likened to “Linsanity.”.

The Ringer’s Cousin Sal’s comparison of Coach Prime’s first two months in Boulder to Jeremy Lin’s first few games as a member of the New York Knicks on The Bill Simmons Podcast served as the inspiration for Borba to consider the offseason of change that will undoubtedly occur.

Cousin Sal remarked that the Deion movement might be a form of lunacy.
“It could be.

Given that Lin left the Knicks in free agency that summer as a result of a disagreement between his agency and New York’s front office over contract compensation, Sal Lacano must have felt bad for Colorado.

It’s to be hoped that Boulder’s “Deion movement” will continue after a year or two.


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