Browns coach sends clear message to Jonathan Taylor

Browns coach sends clear message to Jonathan Taylor

Despite being back in the starting lineup for the team in the last few games following his injury, Jonathan Taylor, the running back for the Indianapolis Colts, has not yet resumed his position as the team’s primary back.
It appears that the Cleveland Browns are ready for that to alter this week, though.

When the Cleveland Browns play the Indianapolis Colts this week, head coach Kevin Stefanski stated unequivocally during his press conference that he believes it is only a matter of time until Jonathan Taylor receives the majority of the carries in the team’s offensive scheme.
If that happens, the Browns will be “ready” to face Taylor.

According to, Stefanski stated, “You know, we’re ready for that, if that’s what it is.”.
“I believe they have more than one guy.
We do anticipate that Jonathan Taylor’s workload will increase as the games progress here, but they can put a lot of guys in there and still have a great deal of respect.
On the other hand, they have several guys who can injure you while holding the ball.

Taylor is possibly the best running back in the league when he’s healthy and performing at his peak.
As the centerpiece of the offense, it makes sense that the Browns would want to get ready to play him.


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