The True Story Behind William Nylander’s “Dirty” Maple Leaf Secret.

The True Story Behind William Nylander’s “Dirty” Maple Leaf Secret.

Diverse signals are emerging from Toronto, where some insiders see issues with William Nylander’s failure to sign an extension at this time.
As for the Nylander deal, Chris Johnston recently stated that there’s no need to worry, estimating that the likelihood of a deal reaching is about 90%.

What one is it?

Regarding Nylander’s performance this season, Sheldon Keefe recently stated, “His confidence is at an all-time high.”.
Now that he’s reached this stage, he is beginning to set himself apart from many other players in the league.
A statement like that seems to imply that he will be costly to retain and that, with each game he plays, he is becoming more and more valuable, likely in line with his demands.
Johnston, though, exudes confidence that Nylander has no intention of leaving and that the Leafs are unconcerned about Nylander’s salary.

Somewhere in the middle must be the truth.

Presuming Nylander Wants to Remain Is Fair.

The same theme has emerged throughout the entire negotiation process: Nylander has no desire to play elsewhere. The player expressed his desire to remain.
The company has expressed their desire to retain him.
It just comes down to striking the right balance and drafting a sensible contract.
Alright, enough.

Nylander is doing well in Toronto.
Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews, and other talented players are available for him to play with.
He plays for a team that, despite its lack of postseason success, is regarded as a contender each year and enjoys playing run-and-gun.
In the end, even if the Leafs pay him less than he could get on the open market, he will still be extremely wealthy because he is in a market that loves him and he has a bright light shining on his play.

Johnston’s statement, “I simply think that if you have a player who wants to be here and the team really really wants to sign him, I think cooler heads will prevail and he will be a Leaf,” makes sense.

Nylander’s business is its business.

That’s a stretch, though, for Johnston to claim 90% of it.
We would have finished this contract by now if it was that simple.
When he writes, “Here’s the dirty secret of that negotiation, in my opinion: the Leafs know he doesn’t want to play anywhere else,” Johnston even somewhat contradicts his own theory. This does not imply that he won’t.

Indeed, the only team that can sign him to an eight-year contract is the Leafs.
The claim that Nylander’s offer will not be rejected by the Leafs is untrue. At least not without making significant cuts to the roster.
When his seven years in another city and his eight years in Toronto come to an end, the total might still be the same, but there are tax-free or low-tax cities to take into account.
Around age 34, there is a possibility of signing a new contract.
The Leafs are a bit of a pain in the ass, to start with.

Just observe the consequences that arise when a player is made to wait because an organization begins to exploit their allegiance to a franchise by believing that it has the upper hand.
Anyone who watched Steven Stamkos’ press conference and honestly believed there was a ninety percent chance he would sign with Tampa Bay this summer?
The circumstances are different, but not that much.

This gets trickier the better Nylander plays.

Nylander, as Keefe mentioned, is beginning to set himself apart from the group through his play.
That will only cause other NHL clubs to take a closer look at him.
Their presumption that he won’t leave Toronto could come back to haunt them if the Leafs decide not to sign him because they believe they have endless time.

One would have to assume that Nylander would find an allure if he could earn a higher salary somewhere else, join a team that wouldn’t try to call his bluff, and establish himself as a star on a roster. This is especially true if this season’s Leafs appear to be a competitive team.

All of this is not to suggest that Nylander and Toronto won’t eventually come to an agreement. But, assuming Nylander will stay and that the Leafs are aware of a “dirty secret” is like playing with fire.


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