It’s “completely unfair” to criticize the Colorado star’s transfer.

It’s “completely unfair” to criticize the Colorado star’s transfer.

Stacey Blackwood of Buffalo’s Wire said it was “totally unfair” for the rest of the Colorado football team to entrust Sheeder Sanders with the team.
He believes offensive coordinator Sean Lewis’ priorities need to change.
The importance is growing.
KO in the back.

“It’s completely unfair to put all the blame on Shader Sanders, even though he’s put up great numbers this season,” Blackwood said.
“A running game to ease up on Sanders.

Drivefield is not talented, but he should have a consistent accent with Sean Lewis’s concentrated effort, an aggressive coordinator.

His talented spacious participants placed a reliable artillery on Sanders for Sanders to lift their courts and win more than lost, but it continues enough production, so that only Xavier Weaver can be considered second.

Shoreeur Sanders Colorado Football the largest “NFL preparation”

Despite the minimum production of Achterveld and lost Travis Hunter for a month, Sanders could win 2024 in the first round of the NFL concept.
The son of the first coach with is most likely to help the Big 12 in the second season of Budder’s Deion Sanders’ era.
Mark McIntosh of BuffsBeat praised Scheder’s play, calling him the most “NFL-ready quarterback” in Colorado football history.

“As a football watcher in Colorado for nearly 50 years, including a front row seat during the McCartney, Neuheisel and Barnett years, I don’t think your writer is exaggerating when he calls the 21-year-old ‘the most prepared player of the NFL.’ “Of all the quarterbacks in CU football history,” McIntosh said, “only Cordell Stewart stands out as a candidate. Athletic kids with strong, accurate hands and dangerous running skills.
But CU’s current signal caller isn’t the best quarterback in CU history.

If Masterpiece has an improved supporting cast in 2024, it could get all the help it needs to compete for a championship in the Dog-less Big 12 next season.


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