Slovakian forward Sebastian Rancik breaks down decision to join the herd

Slovakian forward Sebastian Rancik breaks down decision to join the herd

How did you feel when you entered Colorado?

Sebastian Rancic: \”It was great.
I knew for a long time that I wanted to go to Colorado, so it was true.
I’ve been waiting for your post because I wanted to make this for my grandmother’s birthday last Saturday.
But now it’s better that everyone knows, so that I don’t hide my decision.
It gave me a sense of relief.”

About Colorado Selection

“I like the coaching staff.
Head coach (Tadd) Boyle and the entire coaching staff believed in me and my abilities. I really like that program.
I believe in the program that coach Boyle has built there.
He won.
I am very happy to be a part of it.
The education is good and the environment reminds me of how it is at home.
I felt very good when I was on campus.
With Tristan (da Silva) and Luke (O’Brien) graduating next year, we have a great opportunity to play significant minutes as freshmen. I want to come in and have an impact on winning.
That’s why I chose Colorado.”


It’s about how Colorado takes it.

“They sent someone who looks like Tristan da Silva.
I’m not saying we’re the same players. But they want to use me the same way they are using me now.
A long wing, a player who does everything on the floor; Plays as a pick-and-roll, but can be set up at times.
Be the decision maker in crime. I felt that Colorado was a place where I could showcase my skills better, so that was another big factor in my decision to go there.”


About his father, Martin Ranczyk, who played at Iowa State before going on to a long professional career in Europe.

“I was born in Athens and he played for Olympiacos in the Euroleague. Then I lived in Spain for seven years, where he played professionally.
I fell in love with the game because it was always there. Both parents guided me on this path.
“When you’re in that atmosphere in Europe, the stadiums go crazy and you fall in love with the game and everything about it.”


J travels to California to play at Serra Catholic.

“I moved here when I was a freshman.
So three years ago, when I was fourteen.
When I came here, I was alone.
My mother returned home with my younger sister.
So I had to grow up faster than my peers.
There have been ups and downs, but I believe adversity makes us stronger and pushes us to become better people and players.
All those tough times made me a better player and made me who I am today.
So I’m very glad it ended safely.”


Boulder reminds him of Slovakia.

“We run a ski resort called High Tatras. Slovakia is a great hockey country.
Sometimes I miss the California cold. The Colorado mountains are truly amazing.
Flatiron takes my breath away every time I see it.
I don’t think I’ll ever get old looking at it.
“I really like the feeling of being on campus.”


He is proud of his basketball game

“I’m proud of my IQ…
How can you read the game and make the right play at the right time?
Impact the game in many ways: scoring, passing, rebounding, shot blocking, good defense, etc. I can guard him at point guard.
I can protect anyone.
My feet are quick to the side. And being a great teammate.
I want to be famous for this.
“I hope that’s what people see when they see me perform.”

The Buffaloes are back in action after a week off, and the top right hill is in the mix.

After an off week, Colorado got some major offense back. Savion Washington is back in practice.

After an off week, Colorado got some major offense back. Savion Washington is back in practice. He was ranked the best offensive player in Colorado this year by Pro Football Focus, but was recently sidelined with an ankle injury.
“I haven’t played in two weeks and I didn’t like what I saw on both sides of the ball,” Washington told the team Monday in a new video with Welloff Media’s Deion Sanders Jr. “We know we’re better than that.
We know we are better than that.
We must adhere to this standard.
We have to.\”

Old Dominion is the only FBS program to give up more sacks than the Buffaloes this season.
Shader Sanders was sacked 33 times for 318 yards.
Colorado, on the other hand, sacked opposing quarterbacks just 17 times, losing 90 yards.
Washington’s return will give Sanders more protection on the right side when he visits UCLA later this week.
The latest video from Well Off Media shows Trevor Woods Jr. continuing to work on the defensive line alongside relievers Shiloh Sanders and Rodrick Ward.

Additional Notes –

*** According to Los Angeles Times Bruins writer Ben Bolch, UCLA will remove two tarps from each end of the Rose Bowl for Saturday’s game, increasing capacity to 70,865.
“That’s 3,000 more than the previous numbers released last week,” Bolch said.

*** Colorado’s homecoming game is Saturday, Nov.
1 against Oregon State.
The Pac-12 announced Monday morning that it will begin at 8 PM MT on the 4th and will be televised nationally on ESPN. The Buffaloes have never had an afternoon home opener this season.
*** Colorado’s 11-day media absence ends Tuesday when Coach Prime holds a press conference.
Kickoff is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. MT.


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