Deion Sanders opines on sign stealing amid Michigan probe

Deion Sanders opines on sign stealing amid Michigan probe

Despite the Michigan football team stealing passes from opposing teams, Colorado coach Deion Sanders isn’t sure how much it will help the Wolverines in their games.

“I don’t know how accurate this is,” Sanders told reporters in Boulder, Colo., on Tuesday.
“I mean, everybody’s trying to get an edge.
Everyone is trying to get any advantage they can.
You might have someone’s entire game plan.
They can email you.
However, it has to stop.”

Sources told ESPN on Monday that Michigan State linebacker Connor Stallion has purchased tickets to more than 30 games at 11 Big Ten schools over the past three years on his behalf.

In some cases, Stallion sent tickets he had purchased to people across the country, demonstrating the scale of the disinformation operation.
Last week, the NCAA notified Big Ten and Michigan officials that law enforcement officials are investigating claims that the Wolverines engaged in strip searches of opposing teams at off-campus stadiums, which have been banned by the NCAA since 1994.

In a statement last week, Harbaugh denied “illegal marking” and said he “never directed any faculty member or anyone else to participate in an off-campus scouting mission.”

Sanders, an NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and outfielder for several MLB teams, said sign stealing is a huge asset in baseball.
“It’s not as clear cut in football as it is in baseball,” Sanders said.
“If you knew a curveball was coming, you got it.
You know a big football win is coming.
does not matter. I have to stop anyway. …
It’s a physical game.
I have to stop it, but it’s a bit difficult. I don’t trust anyone to steal my mother or my mother. I really can’t believe it.
I still have to play the game.”

Stealing signs in the game is not prohibited by NCAA rules.
It is widely used in sports and is considered durable.
However, the use of electronic devices for recording the opponent’s signals and personal recognition in the opponent’s stadium is prohibited.
Sanders doesn’t seem too bothered by the criticism of his first season with the Buffaloes.

“During my glory days with both San Francisco and the Cowboys, I knew Emmitt Smith was going to get the ball,” Sanders said.
“You know Mike Irvin is going to run to come back.
You know exactly what Jay Novacek is going to do and you can’t stop him.”


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