The Minnesota Vikings’ superstar is set to join rival team

The Minnesota Vikings’ superstar is set to join rival team

The Minnesota Vikings’ superstar pass rusher is leaving to sign with the Denver Broncos.

The defense lacks offensive power and Daniel Hunter could be the mainstay of the team.
The Denver Broncos have a weak defense and are helpless up front.
Adding someone on a due date seems like a bad idea, but I’m not sure.
There have been rumors for a while that the Minnesota Vikings could trade Daniel Hunter, the team’s second-best running back, who has been generating buzz around the team all season.

Hunter and the Vikings agreed to a revised contract that would pay him more this year, but he remains a free agent in 2024 and may not be able to re-sign with them.
Fortunately, Hunter fought hard to get his wages back. The 28-year-old currently leads the NFL with 8.0 tackles for loss and 11 tackles for loss.
Although he played all over the field, he was part of the Vikings’ 3-4 team.

Hunter would probably prefer to be traded for a suitor.
However, the Denver Broncos could be interested and need to make a trade.
First, it’s clear that the defense will need to work harder than the offense as the season progresses.
The Broncos could use a few extra players and should add more strength to their defensive front.
I don’t think there’s too much emphasis on defense.
These are the inside linebackers.

However, I still think we could see a completely reworked lineup with Patrick Surtain II and some moves on the defensive front.
Daniel Hunter is someone who has played as an independent EDGE defender and forward.

He filled a big void for the Broncos in the trenches and played at a high level throughout his career.
He also met George Paton, who was in the Vikings front office when Hunter was drafted.
Sure, Paton might not make the team in 2024, but I’m sure he can at least convince Sean Payton to take the call and see what the value is.
I believe the Broncos can accelerate a true defensive rebuild by acquiring a quality veteran like Hunter.
I don’t think trading Hunter will immediately make the Broncos defense a better unit, but I think it will be a good addition that can be built and maintained for another three years or so.


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