BIG Mercedes upgrade revelation from Wolff.

BIG Mercedes upgrade revelation from Wolff.

More details about the rest of 2023’s Mercedes upgrades from Toto Wolff, including whether or not earlier packages have boosted the team’s performance, have been made available.

Mercedes appears to be stagnating in the field at Monza, trailing both Ferrari and Red Bull in a season where they have yet to challenge for a race victory.

Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, hasn’t won a race since the nerve-wracking 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and George Russell, his apprentice, has only won one race since joining the Silver Arrows, who had been in the lead.
These results are a drop in the bucket compared to the steady stream of victories Mercedes had in the early days of the turbo hybrid era.

Wolff is upbeat about the Singapore Grand Prix because the team can be encouraged by their recent results at Circuit Zandvoort and the Hungaroring.

Wolf stated to Sky Sports Germany: “If we look at Zandvoort, we completely messed up with the rain, but with our pace, we were close to Verstappen and in the end, our result should have been better.
But perhaps we can demonstrate that in Singapore and the remaining competitions.
We’ll attempt to approach the Red Bulls. “.

There will be more changes.

Prior to the Monaco Grand Prix in May, Mercedes made significant adjustments to the W14’s conceptually flawed sidepods.

Since what was their first significant upgrade of the year, the team has occasionally displayed front-running speed, but they have not significantly closed the gap to Red Bull, who continue to perform above the rest in the races.

But Wolff is adamant that Mercedes’ improvements are effective.

“I believe [the upgrade package introduced in Monaco] was important,” he declared.
“In the wind tunnel, we were able to see that the reset gave us significant benefits. We are still pursuing this goal because sometimes when you reset, you lose downforce first, but our data currently indicates that we are making progress.

Wolff has not shied away from the fact that there is still much work to be done at Mercedes if they want their drivers to compete for world championships once again.

Mercedes’ team principal has disclosed that more significant upgrades for the W14 are on the way, despite the fact that the team hasn’t won since the season’s midpoint.

“The pieces are arriving; they have either already been produced or will be produced.
For the car this year, the wind tunnel has been closed for a while.
However, Wolff said, “There are things coming.

“The car will undergo a significant change.
Where we may have erred in the past, we may now proceed more conventionally in some cases while incorporating our newfound knowledge in other cases.
Therefore, some kind of innovation will occur.


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