Verstappen REQUIRED Red Bull to alter its rules specifically for him.

Verstappen REQUIRED Red Bull to alter its rules specifically for him.

According to Max Verstappen, his team made an exception to the rules they had set for other drivers so that he could wear a unique helmet.

With ten straight victories to break the Formula 1 record for consecutive race wins, the two-time world champion has been in outstanding form this season and has put himself in a strong position to win his third straight drivers’ world championship.

Verstappen has made Red Bull his home in Formula 1, with team principal Christian Horner and the rest of the crew gradually developing a car that perfectly suits Verstappen’s exceptional talent and guiding him from his first race victory in 2016 to become a dominant force in the sport.

Verstappen now claims that the team was lenient with his helmets so that he could compete with the design that he wants, according to Dutch broadcaster Viaplay.

Prior to signing with Red Bull, you actually lose a lot of your own design because there is a large Red Bull logo on everything.
“Before, while participating in karting and also in Formula 3, I always drove with my own helmet design. I had to push this through over a period of several years.

Actually, Red Bull is pasted on every Red Bull helmet before it is designed, so you have to work around that. I said, “I’m going to make my design first, and then we stick Red Bull in it.”.

It’s crucial, in my opinion.

Lewis Hamilton has previously discussed the value of a driver’s helmet and how it enables him to maintain his identity while competing.

Verstappen undoubtedly shares these views.
While it may not seem important when he is putting on dominant performances, remembering his humble beginnings as a young kart racer keeps him grounded.

Even more recently, Hamilton claimed that his father had made the decision to have him wear a bright yellow helmet in his early years so that other drivers would know it was him.
This is crucial, according to Verstappen, especially between teammates.

Verstappen continued, “It’s just kind of your identity, so of course I think that’s important.”.
“When you’re in the car, people can only recognize you by that. The remainder of the vehicle is identical to your teammate’s.


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