F1 is urged to revoke Michael Schumacher’s world championship following his fight with Lewis Hamilton.

F1 is urged to revoke Michael Schumacher’s world championship following his fight with Lewis Hamilton.

With seven victories each, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher currently tie for the most F1 world drivers’ championships.

Some 29 years after Michael Schumacher controversially finished ahead of Damon Hill, the FIA has been urged to revoke his first world championship victory.

When the German driver won his first championship in 1994, he was still a Benetton employee, but the infamous championship-clinching race has long been a topic of discussion.
Hill had won the previous two races to keep his hopes alive, but Schumacher entered the final Grand Prix in Adelaide leading the Williams driver by just one point.

Following 35 laps, Schumacher was in front of his challenger when he committed a rare driving mistake that resulted in him crashing into the wall and damaging his car.
Rival Schmacher maneuvered his vehicle into Hill’s path as he attempted to pass him.

Due to damage to their cars, neither driver was able to complete the race, so Schumacher took first place in the standings.
He would later switch to Ferrari and win five more championships before defending his title in 1995.

Only Hamilton has since matched that feat; the duo currently has seven titles to their credit.
However, renowned motorsports writer Roger Benoit believes that the British driver should be the only one to hold the top spot.

Benoit provided an intriguing response when asked about Schumacher’s place among the sport’s all-time greats in an interview with Blick.
He declared, “He definitely belongs in the top 5 as a six-time world champion.

Benoit responded when questioned about the use of the phrase “six-time world champion” by saying, “Of course, I know that he was world champion seven times.
However, since he only won the 1994 championship due to his foul on Damon Hill, it should be revoked from his possession.

Hill went on to win the title in 1996, but Schumacher’s persona came under fresh scrutiny the following year. This time, it was Canadian driver Jacques Villeneuve who took the lead in the final race.
Villeneuve was once more involved in a racing accident, and there are many claims that he intentionally tried to knock out his rival.

This time, however, it backfired, as Villeneuve was able to continue and win the race despite coming in fourth.
After an FIA disciplinary hearing determined that Schumacher’s “manoeuvre was an instinctive reaction and although deliberate, not made with malice or premeditation,” Schumacher was later disqualified from the entire 1997 season.

One of Hamilton’s own titles has since been called into question.
In response to coming in second place to the 38-year-old in the 2008 season, Felipe Massa is suing the government.


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