Hamilton reveals a NEAR-DEATH experience brought on by accepting a challenge.

Hamilton reveals a NEAR-DEATH experience brought on by accepting a challenge.

Lewis Hamilton has described how, in response to a challenge from his friend and surfing legend Kelly Slater, he “prayed” during a potentially fatal surfing incident.

When he couldn’t resist accepting Slater’s challenge during a surf break at Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline a few years ago, the seven-time world champion put his risk-taking nature to the test.

As evidence of how dangerous the waves at the Pipeline are, Hamilton has described the 25-foot wave he overcame after Slater said there was “no way” he would attempt it.

Hamilton stated: “I’ve always taken risks in an interview with Robb Report.
I’ll climb a tree even though I’ll almost certainly fall out of it if someone says, “You can’t climb that tree.”.

Kelly told him there was no way he was going outside, the speaker continued.
Kelly, I’m leaving.’ I responded.

Lewis Hamilton is a risk-taker, both on and off the course.

In order to avoid being sucked into the wave’s depths, Hamilton explained that once he had reached its edge with his paddle.

It was a huge tunnel and, as he remarked, “I could see Kelly coming right down it in front of me.”. And I simply had to watch out that I wasn’t drawn in.

I prayed as I dove down and grabbed the reef.
Like a bomb detonating, I could hear the object land behind me.

“My board was torn off and split in two. I was just about there. But for some reason, I find that exciting.

Even though he has acknowledged that he is no longer as audacious as he once was in his career, Hamilton’s daring attitude permeates his work on the track with F1, despite the fact that he has admitted it.

“When I was younger, I was careless,” he admitted. I took many chances, and I was incredibly lucky not to get hurt.

You can now assess risk more intelligently.
My limit is higher than most people’s limits because I’ve always been good at knowing what it is.
And I’ve always felt comfortable operating at or near my limit.


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