Verstappen begins by discussing DEFEATING Schumacher and Hamilton.

Verstappen begins by discussing DEFEATING Schumacher and Hamilton.

Max Verstappen has stated that he has “no desire” to compete until he is the same age as Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso and that his primary goal is to win the race right away rather than attempt to surpass Michael Schumacher’s and Hamilton’s combined record of seven world championships.

By winning his tenth straight race at the Italian Grand Prix, the Dutchman recently broke Sebastian Vettel and Alberto Ascari’s record of nine straight Formula 1 race victories.
At only 25 years old, he is vying for his third world championship title.

There have been rumors that due to his age and success, he might surpass Schumacher and Hamilton’s joint record of seven championships to become the most successful F1 driver of all time.

Verstappen has already won 47 races, more than Alonso, Nigel Mansell, and Ayrton Senna combined.
He may even move up to third place on the all-time list before this season is over, surpassing four-time world champion Vettel, who is currently sitting on position 53.

If Verstappen maintains his exceptional form and Red Bull can continue to supply him with a world-beating vehicle, he will be able to set a wide range of records.

However, he has repeatedly expressed a desire to pursue other interests and has said that he may decide to leave the sport when his current contract expires in 2028.

Verstappen responded, “No, definitely not.
I won’t be able to race until I’m as old as Alonso or Hamilton.
Nothing to want.

“No, I already know what I want to do in addition to what I want to do in Formula 1.
I really want to see that happen because it’s one of my great passions.

Verstappen’s focus on winning.

Verstappen has won 12 of the 14 races so far in 2023, including ten consecutive victories, and has appeared unstoppable.

Hamilton, who recently signed a new contract to remain in the sport until at least the end of 2025, meaning he will still be competing into his 40s, will undoubtedly find that to be music to his ears.

As a result, he will have the chance to surpass his current record of 103 victories and 104 pole positions in Formula One, as well as to win his eighth championship and rank as the all-time most successful driver in the sport.

Indeed, Verstappen and his Red Bull team’s dominance over the previous two seasons contributed to Hamilton’s lack of victories since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Verstappen is primarily focused on the present and capturing his third straight championship by winning as many races as he can in 2023.

With the belief that they can actually win every race, he constantly pushes the team and himself to become better as a unit.

“Don’t adopt a complacent mindset that says, “We are winning; why do we need to improve?,” because you do need to improve.
Because if you don’t advance, you will remain stationary and regress.
So, I believe that’s the main focus, he insisted.


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