Hamilton ‘BLAST’ over dig at Verstappen by F1 race winner

Hamilton ‘BLAST’ over dig at Verstappen by F1 race winner

Lewis Hamilton’s remarks that Max Verstappen hasn’t had tough teammates have caused David Coulthard to express his displeasure with him.

Before the Italian Grand Prix, the British driver made the charge in an interview with Sky Sports.
He then named his team members throughout his F1 career.

Hamilton harshly minimized the abilities of drivers Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo, and Pierre Gasly when criticizing Verstappen, despite the fact that they have all faced intense competition from the other side of the garage throughout their careers in Formula 1.

Coulthard: That is not the case.

Lewis had previously stated, “I know Lewis had made a comment that he does not have tough team-mates,” Coulthard told Formula1 .
“First off, that’s not true, and secondly, it’s not really about who your teammate is; it’s about who your competitors are, and up until now, Lewis has been his biggest rival.

“And they have been incredible in the way they have worked tirelessly, performed, and truly produced some fantastic results.
It makes no difference if you are a fan of Ferrari or Mercedes.

In an effort to win a record-tying eighth world championship, Hamilton recently agreed to a new two-year contract with Mercedes that will keep him with the team through the end of the 2025 season.

Before leaving the sport for greener pastures, Coulthard has predicted that the Brit will mount one more title challenge with Mercedes.

Lewis has demonstrated his lineage.
“Seven-time world champion, could’ve been nine or ten times,” he said.

The truth is that he has that, has a contract for another two years, has the desire, and has excelled all the way from karting to where he is today.
We will now wait and see what kind of car Mercedes will give him.


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