In the Singapore Grand Prix practice, Max Verstappen almost collided with a LIZARD on the track.

In the Singapore Grand Prix practice, Max Verstappen almost collided with a LIZARD on the track.

On street tracks, drivers are accustomed to having to avoid one another during practice sessions, but on Friday at the Marina Bay Circuit, there was an additional slow-moving obstruction.

On Friday morning at the Marina Bay Circuit, first practice for the Singapore Grand Prix got things started.
Additionally, the session was different from what the drivers will encounter in qualifying and the race because it was held in the daylight.

Verstappen will, however, be appreciative of the additional light because it prevented him from colliding with a canine companion while he was racing. To his surprise, a lizard had decided to stop in the middle of the track and he had driven within a few feet of it.

When the Red Bull racer exited Turn 8, he discovered the tough reptile lying motionless in the middle of the track.
He was able to move to the right and around the animal thanks to the available space.

And as he broadcast it over the radio, there was a hint of amusement in his voice.
He informed race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase, “Ah, there’s a lizard on the track again! A smaller one this time.

When the chance presents itself, those two are never afraid to crack a joke on the radio, and Lambiase wasn’t about to miss this one.
It’s all right, I get it, he said.
Before agreeing, Verstappen said: “I mean, that makes sense. Maybe Godzilla had a kid.

Lando Norris, who had also seen the creature and had reported it over the radio, became a little perplexed in the meantime.
He mistook the animal for a dragon and informed his McLaren team of the situation.

To alert the drivers of a potential obstruction on the track, yellow flags were briefly flown in sector two of the circuit.
The intruder was eventually moved out of harm’s way, though, and vehicles could once more travel at top speed.

Up until three minutes remained, it was still clear.
At that point, another lizard made the decision to cross the track directly.
This time, George Russell reported it, emphasizing that it was a “different” animal from the one that had previously been seen.

Verstappen is the favorite to extend his record-breaking run of victories this weekend as he enters the weekend with a 10-race winning streak.
While Norris will profit from a sizable upgrade package brought by his team for this race, Lewis Hamilton is “hopeful” of a strong performance from Mercedes.


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