At the Singapore Grand Prix, a Sky Sports F1 analyst accuses Red Bull of being suspicious.

At the Singapore Grand Prix, a Sky Sports F1 analyst accuses Red Bull of being suspicious.

At the Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull struggled in each of the three practice sessions, giving their F1 competitors hope that they will finally be able to snap Max Verstappen’s winning streak.

Danica Patrick is still wary of Red Bull despite the leaders’ shaky performance in Singapore Grand Prix practice.

The top team has had trouble having an impact in each of the three sessions. And Max Verstappen in particular struggled more than usual, being extremely dissatisfied with the balance of his car on Friday and the speed of his gear changes on Saturday morning.

Ferrari capitalized on their misfortune by setting the pace in each of the three practice sessions, making Italians go wild.
In the competitive sessions this weekend, Mercedes will be hoping to capitalize on any Red Bull setbacks, while Lando Norris also appeared strong in his upgraded McLaren during practice.

Verstappen’s frustration over the radio suggests that Red Bull’s vehicles are experiencing real issues this weekend.
However, Sky Sports analyst Patrick wanted to take it all with a grain of salt and believes the team may be playing tricks on their rivals.

She remarked, “I’m not always buying every time a team has a bad day, or even a session.
“Games are probably being played, but sometimes you just miss it.
So no, not really counting them out.
But they did say when they arrived that it would likely be a little more difficult, and so far, that has proven to be the case. only today is Friday.

Former strategist for Aston Martin and McLaren colleague Bernie Collins nodded her head in agreement that it is a possibility.
She found it difficult to pinpoint exactly where each team is at in terms of performance this weekend despite paying close attention to the weekend’s first two practice sessions in particular.

“All year, Red Bull has been in the lead, but it’s been very difficult to tell the order behind that, and I think that’s the case here,” said Collins.
We talked a lot about how much of a drivers’ track it is, so I believe you’ll either get a very mixed-up grid or a top 10 that includes more than just the usual standings.

Ferrari will undoubtedly be pleased with their chances of winning the pole. Not only did they succeed the previous time around at the Italian Grand Prix, but their drivers also won all three of the Singapore practice sessions, while Red Bull struggled.

With a recent set of significant McLaren upgrades, Norris has also so far displayed a fast pace. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell both expressed their satisfaction with what was, unusually for the Silver Arrows this year, a problem-free day on Friday, giving Mercedes hope for a successful weekend.


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