In the ruling on the Felipe Massa F1 lawsuit, the Red Bull CEO takes a shot at Lewis Hamilton.

In the ruling on the Felipe Massa F1 lawsuit, the Red Bull CEO takes a shot at Lewis Hamilton.

Massa, a former Ferrari F1 driver who lost out on the 2008 championship to Hamilton by a razor-thin margin, is stepping up his legal efforts to challenge Hamilton’s victory.

Helmut Marko, an advisor to Red Bull, declared that he supports Felipe Massa’s legal attempt to unseat Lewis Hamilton as Formula 1 champion for 2008.

The Brazilian is stepping up legal action over the result of that championship from 15 years ago against both F1 and the FIA. It was brought on by Bernie Ecclestone’s assertion made earlier this year that he and former FIA chief Max Mosley were aware of the “Crashgate” scandal before it was made public.

Ecclestone has since claimed he doesn’t recall making those statements. Massa wants to have the outcome of the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix thrown out, which would jeopardize the outcome of the championship race, but he is continuing his legal challenge anyhow.

It’s uncertain whether Massa’s defense team will be able to make a strong argument.
However, Red Bull advisor Marko thinks there’s a chance the Brazilian will succeed in his endeavor.

“The matter can be opened up if there are new facts. And then Massa’s chances aren’t that bad,” he said, according to Austrian outlet Krone.
“The only query is, where would we be if we were forced to reexamine many other races where there were incidents?”.

Marko then made fun of his team’s Mercedes rivals by saying that he personally wanted Massa to win his legal battle because it would reduce Hamilton’s record to six titles instead of the current seven.

“It was terrible to see how Massa celebrated the championship in Brazil for 20 seconds before everything vanished,” he continued. I want him to get this title, and Mr. Hamilton, who doesn’t care too much about records, would then have one less.

A successful outcome for Massa, though, might not be all bad news for Hamilton.
Toto Wolff, the team principal of Mercedes, said he will be closely monitoring the outcome of the legal challenge because it may allow the Silver Arrows to review the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where Hamilton was controversially dethroned by Max Verstappen to win the championship.

The rules in Formula 1 are quite clear, so it’s obvious that nobody saw this coming, according to Wolff.
Whatever it is, it would undoubtedly set a precedent if there was a civil case involved. We are observing from the sidelines, curious.
We were interested in the race of 2021 because of the FIA’s clear statement regarding it.


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