As Mercedes’ strategy was revealed, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell received early Japanese GP boosts.

As Mercedes’ strategy was revealed, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell received early Japanese GP boosts.

Mercedes and George Russell were extremely quick in Singapore, and they intend to keep up that pace in the remaining weeks of the campaign with the help of upcoming upgrades.

As Mercedes gears up for the home stretch of the Formula One season, George Russell acknowledges that there are “a few more things to come.”.

Due to his teammate’s crash in the closing laps, Lewis Hamilton took third place on the podium for the Silver Arrows on Sunday in Singapore. Mercedes can be miffed that they didn’t earn more points considering how competitive they were on the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

With seven races remaining, Toto Wolff and his fellow team owners are aiming to finish second in the constructors’ standings.
Russell recently said that some upgrades to the Mercedes package would be coming for the race at Suzuka.

In all honesty, he added, “There will be a few more minor things to come toward the end of the season that will help our learning for the following one.

Mercedes, despite the fact that they haven’t won a race, hold a slim lead over Ferrari and are hoping to maintain that advantage, despite the fact that the Scuderia did win in Singapore, ending Red Bull’s dominance as Carlos Sainz claimed the victory for the Scuderia and ending their season-long winning streak.

The only Mercedes driver to win a race since joining the team is Russell, who has only finished on the podium once this season and is 71 points behind teammate Lewis Hamilton. The Silver Arrows are still winless this year, but Russell’s first victory helped them secure a 1-2 at Brazil the previous year.

Along with Hamilton, the British driver, who recently signed an extension, has been a member of the team that has struggled to duplicate the success of the previous ten years.
Russell hopes that the difficulties of the previous two years can help them in the future even though they are no longer able to regularly compete with Red Bull.

“Yeah, I think we’ve made some good progress this season,” he replied.
We undoubtedly made some mistakes leading up to the 2022 season and again this winter, but I have no doubt that these errors will serve as valuable lessons for us going forward.

And, as you probably already know, those failures and mistakes are what put you on the right track. And I believe that as a group, we have a strong desire to rise again.
And as I’ve already mentioned, I believe the lessons we’ve learned over the past two years will be extremely helpful to us going forward.


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