At the Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull and Ferrari engage in combat.

At the Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull and Ferrari engage in combat.

After the Singapore Grand Prix, a Ferrari sticker mysteriously appeared on one of Red Bull’s coolers, sparking a “spicy” social media feud with Ferrari.

Red Bull’s Formula 1 record winning streak of 15 straight races was broken when Carlos Sainz crossed the finish line first and won the race.
This was the first time Red Bull had lost a race since 2023.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez struggled in qualifying, starting 11th and 13th respectively, and they were only able to finish in fifth and eighth, respectively.

Ferrari’s celebrations continued well into the night as they managed to win for the first time since the Austrian GP in 2022.

However, their joy may have gone too far when they decided to stick a Ferrari sticker on one of Red Bull’s coolers as the teams were packing up to move to Japan the following weekend.

It’s safe to say that Red Bull’s social media manager wasn’t too happy about the situation.
He tore the sticker off the cooler that read, “Sticky just turned spicy,” and then he released CCTV footage that showed him getting caught by Ferrari’s manager.

It has rekindled the rivalry.

Due to the RB19’s dominance this season, Ferrari has not yet been able to defeat Red Bull.

Last season, Verstappen and Leclerc engaged in a tense battle for the world championship, with Leclerc initially keeping up with Verstappen.
However, Verstappen eventually prevailed thanks to a combination of unreliability, bad strategy, and driver error.

Given that Ferrari has now successfully challenged for two consecutive race victories, the rest of 2023 may see a little bit more competition between the two teams.


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