Hamilton is informed that he made a mistake as Red Bull gets ready to announce his contract.

Hamilton is informed that he made a mistake as Red Bull gets ready to announce his contract.

A F1 rival that wanted to be Max Verstappen’s teammate sent him an offer to leave Red Bull.

Drivers have only a few days to recover before the action picks back up at Suzuka after the dust has settled on an exciting Singapore Grand Prix. It will be interesting to see if the end of Max Verstappen’s dominating winning streak ushers in a change in the balance of power at the front of the grid.

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The Red Bull driver could only manage fifth in Singapore after starting in P11 and going on to win 10 Grands Prix on the spin at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.
Red Bull’s attempt to sweep every race in the 2023 season came to an end as a result of the outcome.

By fending off a late charge from George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz managed to become the first driver this year to win a race besides Verstappen or Sergio Perez. Lando Norris, who finished second and tied his best-ever F1 finish, provided some assistance to the Ferrari driver.

The British driver, who gets along well with Sainz, said: “It’s always nice to be on the podium with whoever you respect and get along with so the first time we’ve been able to be P1 and P2 – it’s in the wrong order! – but it’s okay for now.

“In Monaco, we both participated in our first podium finish. Carlos deserves to be on the top step, so it’s great to see him there.

He’s put in a lot of effort over the past few weekends, but to be there and share it is great.
Since 2018, we’ve always gotten along.

“It’s always a pleasure, and I’m sure and hope there will be more occasions like it.

A “sporting disapopintment” is an AlphaTauri movement.

Martin Brundle criticized AlphaTauri for failing to send a representative to a hearing regarding a potential Max Verstappen punishment.

During qualifying, it appeared that the Red Bull athlete was impeding Yuki Tsunoda.

Verstappen, however, escaped punishment because AlphaTauri failed to send any representatives to the hearing.

For Sky Sports, Brundle penned the following: “Quite how Max Verstappen didn’t also get a penalty for impeding Yuki Tsunoda in qualifying when considering other penalties applied this season was a great surprise to many in the paddock, which I confidently predict includes the team and driver in question.

Even though they were the junior Red Bull team, Tsunoda’s Alpha Tauri team’s failure to send a representative to the hearing disappointed me on the field of play.

In the midst of conflict, Fernando Alonso was torn apart.

Fernando Alonso had a challenging Singapore Grand Prix, and David Coulthard said the veteran driver appeared “every one of his 42 years.”.

Alonso’s Aston Martin finished in 15th place.

He told Channel 4 that Fernando was “very out of form.”.
“Made that mistake coming into the pit lane, yes it is a tricky pit lane and having made some mistakes in pit lanes that can happen, but on the radio he was saying the car is undriveable and for the first time it seemed as if Fernando was giving up.

“That’s not at all how he is in general.
He just keeps going and is a true samurai warrior.
He then appeared to have aged 42 years and looked like he had actually experienced the wars.

Gasly desires stricter regulations for Formula 1.

Following Kevin Magnussen’s escape from punishment at the Singapore Grand Prix, Pierre Gasly has urged the FIA to make its regulations “black and white.”.

During the race, Gasly believed Magnussen shoved him off the track.

Later, he thought back: “I just asked if he can push someone off the racetrack when I’m going to pass him, and I’m going to do the same.
I won’t introduce the subject; just make it clear and unambiguous.

“I was quite surprised both on Sunday and after qualifying.
The rule is not entirely clear to me. I read and understand the rules, but they don’t always correspond to what takes place on the track.

To be fair, though, my race didn’t change. I made the most of it, so it was fine, but occasionally it’s just been unfair to me.

Wolff applauds the nearly ideal Russell weekend.

Toto Wolff was devastated for Mercedes driver George Russell after the Silver Arrows star turned in a nearly flawless weekend.

Prior to his catastrophic crash that ended his Singapore Grand Prix, Russell was on track to finish on the podium.

Wolff, the head of Mercedes, said: “I’m sad for George because he delivered a 99.9% fantastic weekend and a split-second lapse in focus caused him to clip the wall and it happened.

A mistake was made, Hamilton was informed.

Johnny Herbert, a former Formula One champion, thinks Lewis Hamilton should have pursued his dream of driving for Ferrari rather than extending his Mercedes contract by two years.

Before choosing the Silver Arrows, who could keep him until retirement, Hamilton had been linked with the Scuderia.

According to Herbert, “He might be aware of potential future developments at Mercedes and has decided that’s where his future lies.”.


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