As AlphaTauri deliberate over the 2024 F1 driver choice, Liam Lawson presents a challenge for Red Bull.

As AlphaTauri deliberate over the 2024 F1 driver choice, Liam Lawson presents a challenge for Red Bull.

Lawson is one of three drivers vying for one of the two AlphaTauri race seats in 2024; the other two are Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda.

After saying he “wouldn’t be happy” if he didn’t get a Formula 1 race seat in 2024, Liam Lawson has given Red Bull a new driver headache.

The choice of the team’s driver for the following season has not yet been announced by AlphaTauri.
According to speculation, Yuki Tsunoda will make an official announcement this weekend at his home race in Suzuka.

As a result, Lawson and Daniel Ricciardo would be competing head-to-head for the remaining team spot.
During his recovery from surgery to treat a broken bone in his left hand, the New Zealander filled in for his more seasoned colleague.

After an impressive start to his Formula One career in his first three races, Lawson competes once more for AlphaTauri at the Japanese Grand Prix.
The 21-year-old has made it clear that he would become uneasy if not given a chance to perform in that role next year because his audition for the part has gone extremely well thus far.

“I wouldn’t be happy to go back to being a reserve but, obviously, I know how hard it is to get to Formula 1 and I understand that can be really, really difficult sometimes,” he told reporters.
“So, yeah, whatever happens, happens.
I haven’t given these things much thought; instead, I’ve just tried to take advantage of the situation.

He continued, “I think [Qatar] is a realistic goal but I have no idea exactly the chances of that happening or not.
I may be done before Ricciardo returns, so this weekend may be my last race.”.
The objective is undoubtedly to have Daniel back by that point, but I believe that after this [race] I’ll probably do some preparation for Qatar.

As he spoke about the circumstance in the press conference, Tsunoda was anxious to maintain his silence. But when he was about to reveal and hint that the other seat is indeed a straight fight between Lawson and Ricciardo, he had to restrain himself from going on with his lengthy response.

It is not confirmed, the Japanese competitor said. I don’t know; in all honesty, I believe that both points of view are constructive.
Indisputable experience and a lot of feedback were displayed by Daniel.
A great comparison is made. He can definitely provide more specifics about the car’s behavior, which I believe is very helpful to the engineers.

“And I believe he enjoys it, particularly the way he talks and contributes to the development side.
In that case, Daniel might be used if the team wants to improve the car’s competitiveness.
On the other hand, Liam seems to have demonstrated in his first two or three races that he has performance right away and is probably still improving.

“On the performance side, obviously, I’ve just finished two races with Daniel, and it was probably not the best time for AlphaTauri either.
However, the car was quite good in Monza and Singapore in the last two races, which is when Liam actually entered Formula 1.
He did, in fact, enjoy himself while still giving a solid performance.

So, while we are aware that AlphaTauri is a young team, there may be a bit more of a risk if we consider the results as a whole.
According to their thoughts, you should know.
Daniel will likely find it simpler to get the results they want because he has more experience and might be able to do so.
Liam is included as well.

He continued, “I’m scared to say,” declining to express his preference.
Since I’ve never achieved ninth, I believe Liam is also the best scorer.
He placed ninth [in Singapore].
Here, I’ll stop. Maybe Liam and Daniel, three seats!”.


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