If Red Bull doesn’t defeat Hamilton at Suzuka by a minute and a half, “something’s up.”.

If Red Bull doesn’t defeat Hamilton at Suzuka by a minute and a half, “something’s up.”.

After their winning streak was interrupted in the previous round, Lewis Hamilton anticipates that Red Bull will be at their best at this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix.

In the Singapore Grand Prix, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez placed fifth and eighth, respectively.
However, neither Red Bull driver qualified inside the top 10.
Up until that point, the team had won every race.

It was speculated that Red Bull’s poor performance over the past weekend was a result of recent clarifications made to the technical regulations intended to address flexible bodywork.
The champions, according to Hamilton, who finished third for Mercedes in Singapore, should continue to rule at Suzuka as they have done at other similar tracks earlier this year.

The Mercedes driver remarked, “I would think that something’s up if they’re not leading by 30 seconds like they have in the past.”.

“That car should be phenomenal here,” he continued, “but it was obviously a difficult weekend the last one.

Red Bull anticipated that the Marina Bay street circuit would not be as conducive to their dominant car as other locations. But the RB19 ought to perform best on the fast Suzuka track.

They’ve been outstanding the entire year, according to Hamilton.
It will be exciting to watch that car in general because they have dominated pretty much every circuit.

“Normally, you would come here and it would be beautiful to watch the laps that they do because the drivers and the team as a whole are doing an amazing job with the package they have.
It will therefore be interesting to see how the weekend plays out.

“I hope we’re closer and that they’re not going as fast as that 30-second gap they’ve had in the past.

Mercedes was unable to stop Carlos Sainz Jr. from winning the race in Singapore after Ferrari narrowly edged them out for pole position.
They won’t be as effective this weekend, according to Hamilton.

“Carlos was in charge up front, and I believe that we were all fairly close, I would say, at the front.
But even just having us all in such close proximity at the front made the race fantastic.

“I don’t expect us to perform as well this weekend as we did in the last race, but we’ve worked very hard and are still trying to push the limits of what we can do, so I’m hoping we won’t be too far off this weekend.

At the Suzuka RC car race, Hamilton said of Ocon, “I was super-impressed with him.”.


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