Following Red Bull’s poor performance in Singapore, Max Verstappen reacts angrily and criticizes fake F1 fans.

Following Red Bull’s poor performance in Singapore, Max Verstappen reacts angrily and criticizes fake F1 fans.

Verstappen’s 10-race winning streak came to an end in Singapore, and Red Bull also lost their perfect winning streak for the year 2023. Carlos Sainz won for Ferrari.

Before Red Bull’s winning streak ended, Max Verstappen alleged that those who had criticized the team’s dominance this year were “not real fans.”.

Red Bull was on track to become the first Formula 1 team to win every race during a season.
However, last weekend’s appalling Singapore Grand Prix, by their own high standards, dashed their hopes of accomplishing that extraordinary goal.

Verstappen and Red Bull are still having fantastic seasons.
If the team wins in Japan this weekend and outperforms Mercedes, they will have successfully clinched the constructors’ championship.

After moving up to fifth in Singapore from grid position 11 onward, Verstappen will look to resume his winning ways.
After that challenging Singapore weekend, he claims that was not because he believed a race for the victory among his F1 competitors would be more entertaining for the crowd.

He bluntly told reporters at Suzuka on Thursday, “Honestly, I have zero interest in that.
For me, it was simply a case of being clearly beaten.
I don’t consider what would benefit Formula 1 in any way.
Since we were simply better than everyone else, I don’t think what was happening to Formula 1 was necessarily bad.

“If people aren’t capable of understanding that, then you’re not a true fan.
But that is how things work.
We didn’t perform, and other people did a better job than us, so that’s why I was also extremely laid back about it. Then they naturally deserved to win.
People complain that it is boring when we win, so they shouldn’t win.

After his own record-breaking winning streak was broken, when questioned further about his emotions, he responded, “I have no emotion.
Yes, after one race, we stopped winning. We had won 10 in a row prior to that, so crap happens.

So, it goes without saying that I also would have liked to win there.
However, I am also aware that there will inevitably be a day after you have completed that weekend where you lose or something goes wrong.
And yes, regrettably, it happened on that weekend.
Just carry on and give it another shot.

Red Bull is optimistic that their performance in Japan will return to their most competitive level after a challenging weekend in Singapore. Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s teammate, stated: “This track is very different, so there shouldn’t be a reason why we aren’t strong in Suzuka.
For us, this ought to be among the best circuits.

Naturally, we have some good ideas about how we prepared for the weekend and the false information we received that caused problems.
We may have approached the weekend with the wrong mindset, according to some strong indicators.
In the simulator, Suzuka felt good, and Singapore felt bad.
So hopefully everything lines up properly and it will be a good track for us.


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