Over Mercedes’ F1 plans for 2024, Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff are at odds.

Over Mercedes’ F1 plans for 2024, Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff are at odds.

Given that Red Bull has been unstoppable for the past two years, Mercedes will be desperate to avoid designing a third consecutive F1 car that cannot contend for the championship.

Toto Wolff’s comments about Mercedes’ plans for their 2024 vehicle appeared to be contradicted by Lewis Hamilton.

The Silver Arrows will be fervently working to develop a vehicle that can consistently contend for victories. After all, they have only achieved one victory over the previous two seasons, which represents a failure of their previous two attempts.

In his evaluation of the W14 car at various points this season, team principal Wolff has been very direct.
He was equally succinct when outlining his team’s 2024 effort strategy.

When it gets really fast, we’ll throw this one in the trash and start over, the Austrian said.
“I believe we are seeing encouraging signs of a balanced car that will be more cohesive from the tunnel, and we have the answers to our queries.
We therefore have a positive outlook on the outcomes.

But when confronted with those remarks during a Thursday press conference at Suzuka, Hamilton responded that there was something to be gained from the present car that could be applied to enhance the future model.
Of course, he added, “We won’t ever throw the car away.”.

Even if they’re not, these cars are still masterpieces.
Although it isn’t the fastest car in the world, the 2,000 people who put in the most effort to build it will forever be a part of our history and evolution.

There will be parts of it that we attempt to alter while retaining some of the advantages because advantages are never absent.
Thus, we’re attempting to preserve the good while introducing some fresh elements.

Hamilton refrained from making any assumptions about how their 2024 challenger will impact his team’s chances of winning.
With the new direction we have, he declared, “It’s far too early to say and to be optimistic about next year’s car, because we are just getting started in that.

“However, I have every confidence that the crew will steer it in the right direction.
Since we’ve learned a lot over the past two years, it goes without saying that we’ll keep working on it if we haven’t figured it out by next year.
However, I’m hoping they have.

George Russell beat out his teammate to win the Brazilian Grand Prix in November of last year, which was Mercedes’ most recent race victory.
Hamilton’s personal dry spell dates back to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2021.


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