Christian McCaffrey responds to San Francisco 49ers matching a storied NFL record.

Christian McCaffrey responds to San Francisco 49ers matching a storied NFL record.

Running back Christian McCaffrey has discussed tying the New York Giants franchise record set by Hall of Famer and NFL legend Jerry Rice against the San Francisco 49ers.

Christian McCaffrey, a running back for the San Francisco 49ers, says it is an honor to break Jerry Rice’s franchise record.

In the third week of the NFL season, the Niners defeated the New York Giants 30-12 on “Thursday Night Football.”.
With 18 carries for 85 total rushing yards and one touchdown pass, McCaffrey helped the Niners win.

The Niners are now comfortably in first place in the NFC West division with a record of 3-0 after their first three games of the season.
On Sunday, October 1, the Arizona Cardinals will visit the home field for the next matchup in Week Four.

With his touchdown, McCaffrey tied a Niners legend, Jerry Rice, had previously held. The former wide receiver set a franchise record by scoring a touchdown in 12 straight NFL games.

McCaffrey and Rice were tied for the record, which had been in place since 1987, thanks to McCaffrey’s touchdown against the Giants.
In Week Four’s game against the Cardinals, the current Niners running back will have the chance to break the mark.

According to McCaffrey, “That’s a tremendous honor.”.
Of course a team line is scoring touchdowns. O-line did a fantastic job blocking; all I had to do was find the opening.

It was unclear who would start at quarterback for the Niners heading into the season.
Sam Darnold, who the team signed in the offseason, was put in as the team’s backup quarterback and given the starting quarterback position in place of Brock Purdy.

Prior to being dealt to the Dallas Cowboys, Trey Lance was listed as the third-choice quarterback. As a result, the Niners signed veteran quarterback Brandon Allen to fill out the team’s depth chart behind Purdy and Darnold.

With a perfect record to start the year, the Niners are probably going to be mentioned as a Super Bowl contender.
Additionally, McCaffrey went on to outline the goals the team and he have for the remainder of the season.

McCaffrey said, “We know what we can do.
“We expect to win every game, so the fact that we’re 3-0 is fantastic. We are aware that the season is lengthy and there is still a lot of football left.
I adore the team’s current mentality because, despite being 3-0 and content, I believe we still have a lot of room for improvement.
Being there is a good thing.


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