“Zero Class”: Former Oregon Football Player Furious Over Colorado Logo Disrespect.

“Zero Class”: Former Oregon Football Player Furious Over Colorado Logo Disrespect.

Before the Oregon-Colorado game, several Colorado football players upset Oregon football by stepping on the Ducks’ logo.
When the Buffaloes arrived in Eugene, several players could be seen stepping on the Oregon logo.
Even one player wiped his foot across the glowing yellow “O.”.

Bryson Young, a former Ducks linebacker, was drawn to the stampede of the logo.
In 49 games over the course of his four-year career with the Ducks (2016–2019), Young participated.
After the Buffaloes trampled the Oregon logo in a recent Tweet, Young reacted with his passionate opinion.

“Listen, this kind of stuff gets me riled up, even though I’m no longer in the Oregon team’s locker room. That O stands for a ton of effort, sacrifice, and success from numerous individuals.
There is no class in stepping on or raking up an adversary’s logo.
Enough said. Go Ducks,” Young wrote in a post.

The Ducks will be angry about this move before the game.
The fact that Colorado went out of their way to disparage the logo comes as a bit of a surprise considering that the Buffaloes didn’t like it when Nebraska held a team meeting on their logo in week two.
Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback at the time, even referred to the meeting as “extreme disrespect.”.
In the end, the Buffaloes won 36-14 after taking it personally.

After Colorado went out of their way to make fun of the Ducks’ logo, Oregon football will enter this game with extra motivation. The Ducks, who are 21-point favorites, are likely to treat the Buffaloes with no mercy as they attempt to go 4-0.


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