After the Lewis Hamilton team order “disaster” at the Japanese Grand Prix, George Russell is enraged.

After the Lewis Hamilton team order “disaster” at the Japanese Grand Prix, George Russell is enraged.

Russell trailed Hamilton by two positions at the finish line of the Japanese Grand Prix after Mercedes instructed the younger Brit to allow his teammate to pass in the closing laps of the Suzuka race.

George Russell acknowledged that his plan for the Japanese Grand Prix had failed and gave Lewis Hamilton permission to pass, but he was left to lament yet another “disaster”.

For the Suzuka race, Russell had tried a daring one-stop strategy. Everyone else, perhaps wisely, was assuming at least two trips to the pit lane on a track known for gnawing through tyres.

And the British man’s experience wasn’t particularly successful. He had very worn tires and was running fifth on the road in the closing laps, closely followed by Carlos Sainz and Hamilton.

Mercedes instructed Russell to allow his teammate through because they were concerned Sainz might be able to slip past both.
Despite his radio rants, he eventually followed the order.

Sainz nearly passed him right away, but he was unable to overtake the seven-time world champion.
Russell came in seventh, while Hamilton placed fifth.

Russell later acknowledged that, although his initial response had been one of frustration, it had likely been the right one.
He reflected on that daring tyre strategy bet and declared, “It was definitely worth a shot.

“The three-stop traveled more quickly or was closer than the one-stop.
However, if there was a safety car or a red flag, the one-stop gave us a chance to be in P3.
We did have a chance in the end, but the outcome was a fair representation.

“That radio is a tool to let frustration out when you’re in the car, 48 laps in, giving it everything, trying to make a suboptimal strategy work.
It wasn’t easy to pass other drivers; [Oscar] Piastri, who had much fresher tires, took two laps and barely succeeded in doing so.
Looking back, it’s simple.

Due to Sergio Perez’s lack of success at Suzuka, Hamilton is now only 33 points behind second place in the drivers’ standings. Lando Norris and Russell are now tied for seventh place in the points standings after the McLaren driver achieved yet another podium finish.

“My current goal is to secure P2 for the team in the constructors,” he continued.
In my opinion, the season has been a complete failure; the drivers’ is out the window.
Such a waste of opportunities.


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