Team loses a touchdown due to a terrible ref error.

Team loses a touchdown due to a terrible ref error.

Amari Cooper, the star wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, thought he had a long touchdown catch to help his team extend its lead during Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans, but a terrible error by one of the game’s officials cost him a chance.

Amari Cooper made a catch near the sideline during the play, quickly turned the ball upfield, avoided a Tennessee Titans defender’s tackle, and then juked another Titans receiver in the open field to get to the end zone for a touchdown.
The play was called back, which was unfortunate for Cooper and the Browns.

Cooper caught the ball, and shortly after, the referee blew the play dead, saying Cooper had crossed the sideline and was out of bounds.
Cooper, however, really wasn’t even close to crossing the goal line, as the replay demonstrates.

The call could not be corrected by a video review because the referee blew the play dead in his initial call.
Therefore, a significant play that could have led to a touchdown was lost for the Browns and Cooper.

Even though the Browns went on to score 13 points in the first half and led the Titans by two scores at the break, it’s safe to say Cooper and the team weren’t pleased.


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