Rapper leaks Colin Kaepernick’s letter to the New York Jets pleading for a position at quarterback.

Rapper leaks Colin Kaepernick’s letter to the New York Jets pleading for a position at quarterback.

Colin Kaepernick has made contact with the New York Jets in an effort to aid the team and benefit from their predicament.

After writing general manager Joe Douglas a letter offering his services, former quarterback Colin Kaepernick has emerged as an unlikely contender to succeed Zach Wilson as the quarterback of the New York Jets.

Since Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles against the Buffalo Bills in Week 1, Wilson has had difficulty, and the Jets are currently 0-2; even Joe Namath, a franchise legend, has urged the team to let the 24-year-old go.
Wilson will continue to be the starting quarterback, according to head coach Robert Saleh, who also blamed the entire roster for failing to assist Wilson.

On Tuesday night, veteran quarterback Trevor Siemian was signed to the Jets practice squad as a potential backup, but Kaepernick has asked to join him.
The letter that Kaepernick sent to the Jets shortly after Aaron Rodgers was hurt has been leaked by rapper J-Cole, even though the quarterback hasn’t participated in NFL games since the conclusion of the 2016 campaign.

Kaepernick wrote, “I’m writing, of course, in response to the unfortunate loss of Aaron Rodgers.
“I understand that the team’s goal for the season was, and still is, to win a championship, so that Hall of Fame-sized hole will need to be filled as effectively as possible to keep the team on a Super Bowl track.
Zach Wilson is currently in charge of that duty, and I wish him and the rest of the team luck as they move forward.

“However, I’m aware of the depth issues at the position right now, and I’ve heard that a veteran quarterback will probably take over as the backup quarterback.
Even though I would be honored and incredibly grateful for the chance to step in and lead the practice squad, I’m writing to you in the hopes that you can envision a very different strategy involving me.

Kaepernick continued by saying that he didn’t want to replace the current starter, Wilson, and that he instead wanted to assist in coaching the Jets practice team.
However, Kaepernick also gave the impression that if given the chance, he would adore the chance to start for them.

In a best-case scenario for the Jets, Wilson “finds his stride and proves that he is able to lead this championship calibre team that you’ve put together to the Super Bowl,” Kaepernick added.
Zach Wilson has the abilities to accomplish this, in my opinion, if he is confident.
In the unlikely event that this is not the case, I would love to present you with a risk-free backup strategy.

If, God forbid, QB1 gets hurt, I’m confident I can give you a top-notch backup quarterback option.
I am aware, though, that doubts about my playing abilities may exist in your eyes and possibly in those of others. This strategy, in my opinion, gives you a low-risk opportunity to evaluate my qualifications to assist in any other capacity you may see fit while also enabling me to be of great service to the team as a practice squad quarterback.

“In the worst case, you consider what I have to offer and are unimpressed.
In the best-case scenario, you come to the realization that you are in possession of a real weapon in case you ever need it.
In either case, I would be dedicated to preparing your defense every week throughout the entire season, and I would wear that responsibility like a badge of honor.

“One more thing, which I’d like to mention.
I haven’t ever retired or stopped practicing, unlike many of the seasoned quarterbacks mentioned in the media. My workout routine hasn’t changed in six years; I train on the field and in the weight room from 5 to 8 a.m., Monday through Friday.

“I’ve adhered to this training regimen without missing a beat for the past six years in the hopes that an opportunity will arise. I tell you this to put my physical situation in perspective for you.
I’ve also included a list of references from the league who can attest to my abilities, work ethic, and character.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Kevin Kaepernick.


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