The Top 7 best conspiracies About Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

The Top 7 best conspiracies About Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

The sports internet and the Swiftie internet are merging in speculation about Swift’s long-term strategy with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, producing a surprisingly good kind of false information.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: False and misleading information is bad.
Online misinformation is a serious issue, and generative AI will only make it worse. False tweets that go viral, theories about government conspiracies, and vaccine misinformation are just a few examples.
But there are some exceptions. The best of these were made public over the weekend when Taylor Swift attended a Kansas City Chiefs game.
Swiftie internet and sports internet immediately collided, leading to chaos.

Background information: Swift is, in all actuality, at the pinnacle of her career.
She’s currently taking a break from her Eras Tour, which has generated enormous ticket sales and benefited regional economies.
(Her time spent in Los Angeles is said to have increased the city’s GDP by $320 million.
During this tour’s stop in Kansas City, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce tried to give Swift a friendship bracelet bearing his phone number but was unsuccessful. Then, on Sunday, September 24, Swift was seen at Arrowhead Stadium in Kelce’s box with his mother, Donna, yelling “Let’s fuck go!” after he caught a touchdown pass from quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The rumor mill quickly began spinning more golden yarns than Rumpelstiltskin because the internet loves conspiracy theories, sports, and Swift. They included everything from how Swift would ruin the Chiefs’ season with the rumors of her new boyfriend to how the NFL would take advantage of this opportunity to get her to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.
It appears that everyone is a mastermind.
Let’s examine the most entertaining or best theories.

Taylor Swift is attempting to undermine the Chiefs and aid the Eagles.

If you didn’t know, Pennsylvania is where Swift is from. She is an admirer of the Philadelphia Eagles.
A user on TikTok conjectured that Swift’s closeness to the tight end was all a ruse to ruin his life so that he plays poorly and wrecks the Chiefs’ season, which is undoubtedly the most well-liked fan theory regarding her alleged romance with Kelce.
(In the previous Super Bowl, the Chiefs defeated the Eagles.

Jason, an Eagle, is the brother of Travis Kelse that Taylor Swift is actually attempting to date.

Now, you might be thinking: If Swift wants the Eagles to make a comeback this season, why doesn’t she just date someone on their team, thereby boosting morale and leading them to victory?
Tweets mentioning the fact that Travis Kelce’s brother Jason is an Eagles player and suggesting that her supporting Travis is “the biggest inside job of all time” suggest that she may be doing just that.

Usher’s Super Bowl performance this year was announced by Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift wanted to outshine her.

There are a few Super Bowl hypotheses in play here.
One is the idle rumor that the NFL is using Swift’s attendance at the game on Sunday and her new association with the organization to pressure her into bringing the fervor (and hype) of the Eras Tour to the halftime show.
(Last weekend, the NFL updated its TikTok bio to read, “Taylor was here.
However, there is a counterargument on TikTok that claims Swift’s action is a throwback to her feud with Kim Kardashian during the recording of Reputation.
(There is too much to try to explain in this essay, but start here. Why?
“The NFL paid [Swift] more attention than they did to Kim Kardashian announcing Usher as the halftime show.
To be honest, we sort of accept this.

The Data Makes Sense.

Both Kelce and Swift were born in 1989, which was a significant year for Swift and was commemorated by the name of an upcoming album.
Swift also considers 13 to be a significant number because it is her lucky number.
The field has 87 assigned to Kelce.
They add up to a hundred when added together.
Which, it would seem, makes them ideal.

Taylor Swift is attempting to distract from Sophie Turner.

Swift made headlines just days before Sunday’s game when Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner was spotted with her in New York City. The hot rumor was that Swift’s ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, with whom she once dated and about whom she wrote the song “Mr. They were all laughing about him (or something) as they discussed “Perfectly Fine.”.
According to the theory, Swift hid out in Kelce’s box at Arrowhead to prevent people from bringing up her friend.

Taylor Swift merely needs songs for a new album.

So, this is the theory as it stands.
It’s always assumed that Swift is only trying to have another relationship so that she can use it as material for future songs whenever there are rumors that she is dating someone new. Hey, it’s not the worst thing if a brief relationship with a football player results in some Folklore-inspired songs where cardigans are replaced with varsity jackets.
In addition, “Style,” one of the best pop songs of the previous ten years, is about her relationship with Harry Styles.

Tickets to movies are what Taylor Swift wants to sell.

The concert movie Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour was announced to be screened in more than 100 countries beginning October 13 and that tickets were now available.
This claim isn’t so much a conspiracy theory as it is “people know how PR machines work now.”. Perhaps some football fans might be inclined to buy one now?


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