Coach Prime sends warning massage to Buffs supporters “

Coach Prime sends warning massage to Buffs supporters “

Coach Prime requests that Buffs supporters “keep the peace.”.

The University of Colorado Buffaloes are the most popular college football team in the nation this season, even outpacing the Denver Broncos in popularity, according to DENVER (KDVR).

Drama has also been a result of the larger fan base, particularly during rivalry games.
A Colorado State University player, for instance, received death threats after injuring a CU player.

4 things about the CU Buffs football team you should know.

The University of Southern California Trojans and Colorado Buffalo at Folsom Field on Saturday.
On Wednesday, CU Buffs football posted a video of Coach Prime pleading with supporters.

First of all, we have the best fans in the country, but I need something from you.
Let’s maintain the harmony, the happiness, the love, and the respect.
We don’t want you to engage in any ignorant behavior, so refrain from fighting with rival fans and keep it between the two of us.
Let’s respect ourselves, be proud of ourselves, and treat ourselves with dignity.

Sanders, Deion.

Threats against a CSU player make Coach Prime “saddened.”.

Coach Prime stated that while he loves and appreciates the support of his followers, he does not want them to engage in any foolish behavior because he is dependent on them and will return their love in kind.

For the first time ever, all CU Buffs home games are sold out, but there are bars, breweries, and pubs to watch games in addition to official watch parties in several Colorado cities.


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