Official reason why Skip Bayless Asks If Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes Are “Black America’s Team”

Official reason why Skip Bayless Asks If Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes Are “Black America’s Team”

After Deion Sanders joined the program, Skip Bayless questioned whether the football team at the University of Colorado was now “Black America’s Team.” This sparked backlash against him.

Tuesday (Sept.
26), the host of FS1 Undisputed posted the query on social media, which was then covered as a subject on the debate program.
Before promoting the debate segment in question, Bayless asked, “Is Deion’s Colorado now Black America’s Team?,” and concluded, “Now on @undisputed.

While some people thought Bayless’ query was innocent, others thought it was repugnant, and they expressed their views in the sports talk show host’s comments.
One user commented, “You coulda kept this in the drafts Skip,” implying that the tweet shouldn’t have been sent out in the first place.

Another user asserted that race shouldn’t be a consideration when choosing a team or fan.
They said, “Should it matter?
Isn’t this sports.
It has always been about supporting the teams, athletes, and coaches you care deeply about.
It’s not complicated science. Others were horrified when they saw Bayless’ post and expressed their shock that he would say something so divisive.
One user exclaimed, “Wildest notification I’ve gotten in a while,” and other users agreed.

After Sanders was appointed head coach of the Buffaloes in December 2022, the University of Colorado quickly rose to the top of the list of the most popular sporting events, not just in college football.
After starting the 2023 season 3-0, he has since guided the program to an immediate turnaround, tripling the team’s one-win total from the previous season.

Colorado moved up to No. 1 after starting the season unranked.
Prior to last weekend, when they were defeated 42-6 by Oregon, their Sanders winning streak was at its peak at No. 19.


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